Senior Fantasy Analyst / Writer/ Editor In Chief

Hi, welcome to my website!  It's not as glitzy as others out there.  Hey, I'm a writer not a web designer so cut me some slack.  And before you judge consider this: ESPN is undoubtedly the worldwide leader in sports. They're owned by a fortune 500 company in Disney. They have access to:  NFL insider information, former GM's like Bill Polian, Phil Savage, and Mark Dominik, medical reports from Stephania Bell, more statistics than MIT, a fancy website, and terrific fantasy analysts like Matthew Berry and even they can only offer mediocre fantasy advice.  So for me to offer anything close to that is like beating Michael Phelps in swimming.  I mean if he trips and breaks his leg on the way to the pool maybe- although I'll have to stretch first.  So instead of that my motto here is this, "Try Not to Suck" haha!  That said,  I'm what you call a veteran fantasy football player.  I've been playing for over 25 years.  I'd like to say that I've won titles every year and never lost- but that's tough to do, at least with a straight face.  What I have done is consistently made the playoffs and won several titles during that span. I started playing in 1991 with my friends at college and was hooked ever since.  I've played exclusively in redraft leagues in a variety of scoring formats including:  standard, ppr, and 1/2 point ppr leagues.  Most of those have been snake drafts.  As of this writing (Sept 2016) I'm currently in my 3rd year playing in an auction league.  So I'm gaining experience in auctions now too. I don't consider myself, or anyone, for that matter,  a fantasy football expert.  I'm just a guy who has played it for a long time who likes writing about fantasy football.  Anyway, I thought I'd share some of things I've learned over the years, disclose my picks, and give some advice.  Hey, I never said it was good advice, just that I'd give it.

In addition to fantasy football, I've played in NFL confidence pools, both with and without the spread, fantasy golf pools, NCAA March Madness pools, and even a few years in fantasy baseball leagues.  While they're all fun, at the end of the day fantasy football is without a doubt my favorite.  Whether you're an experienced fantasy football player like myself or a rookie trying to learn the ropes, thanks for stopping by.  I'll try to write articles that cater to each of you, except for my no good friends Chad and Kelly whose teams have crushed many of my title dreams throughout the years. Curse your miserable hides you slugs!  Find another fantasy football website to conduct your no good research!  No fantasy football advice for you- NEXT!  Anyway, I digress, where was I?  Oh yeah, fantasy football- it's the greatest game out there- even with those two.  I hope you folks love it as much as I do.