2016 Running Back Busts


Devonta Freeman- His adp is 14th overall and he’s in a time share with Tevin Coleman.  Freeman had a great year last year, but remember the favorite to win the job last year was Coleman not Freeman.  Tevin Coleman has more speed than Freeman and also has the ability to take any carry for a touchdown- he’s that explosive.  The reason Freeman won the job last year was because Coleman injured his ribs early last year.  It hampered him all year, but now he’s healthy.  A post hype sleeper- drafters are overvaluing Freeman and undervaluing Coleman to the point that Freeman is one of my busts.

CJ Anderson- At the time of this writing CJ Anderson had a huge game already against a stout Carolina defense.  That said, I’m sticking to my convictions that he could be a bust.  I like Anderson’s talent as a player, but don’t like his situation.   The Denver quarterback situation is shaky at best.  It’s only a matter of time until rookie Paxton Lynch gets the call.  Most rookie quarterbacks struggle their first season.  I don’t expect it to be any different with Lynch.  The Broncos offense should struggle as well- my thinking less potent Broncos offense equals less points for their running backs.  The #31 overall pick is too high for a running back on a lousy offensive team.

Thomas Rawls-  Rawls was one of the darlings of 2015, helping many fantasy owners to titles.  Unfortunately, the clock might have struck midnight on this Cinderella.  He’ll cost a pretty penny to get him at #35 overall.  The ankle wasn’t right all preseason.  Will it hold up?  If it holds up, will he be the same back?   The strong preseason by Christine Michael and a subpar Seahawks offensive line are additional red flags that make Rawls another bust candidate at his price point.

Carlos Hyde- Also at the time of this writing Hyde went berserk against a very stout Rams defense.  The Rams might have the best defensive front seven in football.  That said, I think Hyde’s success was more a part of the Rams lousy offensive performance and less a part of the 49’ers excellence.  San Francisco didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard.  Many of their best plays were quarterback scrambles by Blaine Gabbert.  In addition, they play the Cardinals and Seahawks twice which will be challenging games to say the least.  Hyde is going right after Rawls at #36 overall and this guy has yet to do much to warrant this high of a pick on a lousy team.

DeMarco Murray- It’s hard to believe it’s been only two years since Murray led the NFL in rushing.  Leaving Dallas and going to Philly was a huge mistake.  He’s hoping a move to Tennessee might be better.  No one has an offensive line as good as the Cowboys though so put notions of that magical season out of your head right now.  The Titans defense is not the best either, which should force the Titans to abandon the run game.  In addition, they drafted Heisman trophy winner, Derrick Henry, in the 2nd round.  Henry could vulture some goal line scores and force a rbbc.  Murray’s also not the most durable guy, if he gets hurt Henry’s strong preseason could relegate him to the bench. At #47 overall he’s not a huge bust at that price range, but I’d rather invest in someone else than take a chance on this rbbc situation.