Player notes- weekly calls i made from twitter

Nov 14th- Week 11 Fantasy Sits

QB- DeShaun Watson- Prediction Pain. Washington D inflicts a lot of Da'Ron Payne

RB- Jordan Howard- Minnesota D menacing. Michael Jordan has a better chance of scoring against the Vikings than Howard.

RB- Kareem Hunt- The Hunt for touchdowns in Red November unlikely this week

WR- Alshon Jeffery- An Eli Apple a day keeps the touchdowns away

WR- Adam Thielan- I’m Hooked on a Thielan.

TE- Jared Cook-Stick a fork in Oakland’s offense-they're done

D Philly- Who Dat start this D in New Awlins? Eagles secondary decimated with injuries.

Nov 7th- Week 10 Fantasy Sits

QB- Drew Brees- letdown possible in Cincinnati after huge Rams win. I said possible- not guaranteed. They’re still the Bengals.

RB- Ezekiel Elliott- Dallas offensive line hurting- I reckon a tough day likely ole Zeke.

RB- Adrian Peterson- see notes on Elliott above minus Texas accent

WR- Keenan Allen- Chargers blowout likely- 4th Qtr they’ll be busy running the clock not passing to Keenan

WR- Marvin Jones- Pass rushing demon Khalil Mack will be all over Lions QB Stafford. In the jungle, the mighty jungle the Lions offense sleeps tonight

TE- Jared Cook- Oakland’s season is cooked.

D- Jacksonville- Colts offense isn't Luck-y they're good


Oct 31st - Week 9 Fantasy Starts

QB- Joe Flacco- Wacko for Flacco- shootout in Baltimore likely vs vulnerable Steel Curtain defense

RB- Doug Martin- San Francisco’s QB Beathard hurt- Oakland controls clock with Douggie Fresh

RB- Aaron Jones- God help me

WR- Courtland Sutton- Demaryius Thomas traded to Texans- unleash the shackles

WR- DJ Moore The Tampa Bay Buc stops here....uh never mind.

TE- D Njoku- Njo who?? Isn’t that a Japanese game or a puzzle???

D- Oakland- but only if they face San Fran’s 3rd string QB Mullens. They’re still the lousy Raiders. I trust them as much as the guy who sold me my used car.


Oct 24th – Week 8 Fantasy Sits

QB- Carson Wentz- in London vs Jags. God Save the Queen, but can he save Carson from the Jags ferocious pass rush?

RB-Saquon Barkley- Da’Ron Payne & Jonathan Allen will be pain in Giants neck

RB- Mark Ingram- He shares time in a RBBC plus Saints are on the road vs tough Vikes. Crowd noise in dome doesn’t help.

WR- Odell Beckham- The Giants offensive line has more holes than the swiss cheese on my sandwich. Eli is not exactly the most mobile QB on the planet.

WR- Alshon Jeffery- draws all pro CB Jalen Ramsey in London. Bloody hell on the tele.

TE- Evan Engram- see Odell

D- Rams- Discount Double Check TD Dance for Rodgers & Pack. I wonder if State Farm sells touchdown insurance for defenses?

Sept 26th - Week 4 Fantasy Sits

QB- Carson Wentz- Knee not 100%.  Well, it's not like football is a collision sport where 300 lb guys are chasing after you and trying to kill you. 

RB- James Conner- Don’t be conned this week- always a slugfest vs stingy Ravens

RB- David Johnson- Cardinals offense fluttering.

WR- Mike Evans- I say the Fitzmagic words, abracadabra & Mike Evans disappears

WR- Kenny Golladay- Dallas’s defensive line worrisome= long day for Golladay

TE- Kyle Rudolph-plays the Rams D so Suh me

D- Minnesota- No Everson Griffin no skol


Sept 19th - Week 3 Fantasy Sits

QB-Russell Wilson- Wilson!!! I’m sorry Wilson! I’m sorry! Dallas defensive line swarms the overmatched Seahawks

RB-David Johnson- Arizona’s offensive line in shambles and now faces Bears all-pro Khalil Mack. That should go well.

RB-Melvin Gordon- Can't play the Bills every week

WR Demaryius Thomas- Hurting & on the road vs tough Baltimore defense- not exactly an ideal combination

WR-Keenan Allen- faces arguably the NFL’s best defense

TE- Eric Ebron- Eagles D line problematic for young Colts- Philly Philly!

D- Chargers- no Bosa= no likey