2016 Wide Receiver Busts

Allen Robinson- This is more about where he’s going and less about him as a talented player.  Robinson is currently going #13 overall.  While I like his talent, that is way too pricey for me.  I’m expecting his touchdowns and yards to regress a little.  The touchdowns were very high last year and having Julius Thomas and Marqise Lee back might cut into that amount.  In addition, an improved defense makes it less likely the Jaguars throw it as often as last year.  If one or more of those things play out, Robinson’s numbers would suffer.  I think he’s more of a 3rd or 4th round grade than an early 2nd rounder.  For that reason he’s a bust imo.

Brandon Marshall- Same song different dance- Marshall reminds me a little of Terrell Owens.  He’s a big physical receiver in great shape and is such a beast to tackle.  Ryan Fitzpatrick, a journeyman quarterback,  had a career year last year. Question#1- Can he repeat it?  If so he’ll have to do it against some tough opponents.  The Jets schedule is brutal.  In addition, as good of shape as Marshall is in, he’s still in his 30’s and Father Time is undefeated.  He’s going #18 overall, I’d take him in the 3rd- which is not a huge bust- but his age and the Jets schedule do not bode well for a stellar season.

Alshon Jeffery- Jeffery is best described as the best house in a bad neighborhood.  He’s one of the few playmakers on the Bears.  Chicago is terrible on offense and their line is a train wreck.  Jay Cutler will be under constant pressure this season.  In addition, Jeffery has had his own troubles staying healthy with a variety of soft tissue injuries.  Spending the #27 overall pick for an injury prone player on a bad team is asking for trouble. 

Sammy Watkins- Well I was scared of his foot prior to week one as I noted in my other article “2016 ADP analysis”.  A recent report after week 1 confirms Watkins’s foot still isn’t right.  This might be something that plagues him all year or causes him to miss time.  The same injury forced Dez Bryant and Kevin Durant to miss a lot of time.  He’s simply too much of an injury risk- the talent is clearly there.  Still though at #30 overall I’m not risking a pick that early on a player who could miss significant time. 

Demaryius Thomas- The Broncos quarterback situation is shaky at best.  They’re going to run the ball and play defense which spells bad news for Denver receivers.  How Thomas is being drafted this high is beyond me.  Maybe it’s because pot is legal out there.  Are you drafters high when you’re making this pick?  Don’t get me wrong Thomas is very talented, but the situation out in the Rocky Mountains is awful, well unless you’re into smoking pot- then it’s probably ideal haha!  This one has bust written all over it.